Maekah's Guide to Burleigh's Best ...

We're lucky enough to service clients across the retail nation. With so many of our Maekah shoppers dropping by from Melb, Sydney and Brissy alike, we thought it was only fitting to prep a guide to Burleigh's Best from the Maekah perspective. 

Check out our top three picks for eats, drinks, beauty and more ...


01. Light Years. We love LY for Asian Fusion cravings. Our top picks are the Bao's (of any kind), Miso Eggplant and Spiced Fried Cauli. Thank us later

02. Rick Shores. It's obvious, we know. Call us duhh-brains, but we wouldn't be true to ourselves if this baddie didn't make the list. Book as far in advance as possible or you'll miss out. 

03. Justin Lane. For the best seafood pizza you ever did eat. Epic cocktails, epic nightlife and an all-round good time. We love the cheeky feed me option - the old 'jean unbuttoner' style dinner. 



01. Common Ground. CG's is our number one breaky spot on all of the coast (not just in Burleigh). Why? Because we love all things chilli jam scram, but also because we can always get a table, always get great service and have literally never had a meal that was less than perfect here.

02. Tarte Bakery. It's very hard to go past a freshly baked bagel, wouldn't you say? We're suckers for a Tarte Tomato Bagel all day long - it's our signature cheat lunch on a TGIF in store. 

03. Commune. We love Commune for the old hangover breaky. You'll catch us there with 6 sides of fried Haloumi amongst other cheeky hangover treats. 


01. Maman. We love Maman for a grammable cocktail moment. Their cocktails are the tastiest around. We highly recommend an accompaniment of the Maman make-your-own charcuterie boards, featuring the crustiest bread to make your carby heart sing for days. Great for a gals afternoon out.

02. The Tropic. You heard it here first: the Tropic is better than the Pav because we are boujee little things. Same Froze, but with a booking option. Catch us there most Saturdays after a glam day in store ;)

03. Naami. A spunky little speak easy located a stones throw from your fave lil' store (us). We're just going to leave this one here and let you do your research... we highly recommend this one for a total vibe after sun down. 


01. Restore. We love our sissy's at Restore, just three doors down from yours truly. See Paigey for your facial, skin and nail needs, or Shelby for tattoo beauty to perfection. Not only is this the most beautiful space to snap a pic of, but the gals are experts in your trade. We love popping in here for our fortnightly mani pedi and Park Ave hot goss ;) 

02. The Studio Upstairs. Thinking of treating yourself to a blow wave before your night on the town in your new Maekah outtie? You tooootally should. And this is where you should go. This light-filled hair studio has views from the 6 and the team are a downright good time too. 

03. Erva Nail Spa. One for the gal gang. If you're considering getting a mani pedi in a group of 2 or more, this is your stop. Cue the champagne on arrival (yes this happens). We recommend booking far in advance for this special one too - they book out quickly and are notoriously tricky to get into. 


01. The Headland Walk. We lurve a good weekly walk over the headland. If you're not calorie counting, strut your stuff all the way over to Custard Canteen on the other side of Talle Creek and stuff your cute face with a freshly baked treat. This is our favourite easy Sunday activity with friends. Steps up, calories up. Lets do it.

02. Barefoot Bowls. At the RSL on a Sunday.. kick your shoes off and get bowling. A few sun down drinks, groovy tunes and friends. What a way to spend your afternoon.

03. A shopping spree at Maekah. It would be rude not to, after all these fancy insider tips we've given you. See you there?


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