Maekah in the Making

Journey behind the scenes to discover Maekah in the Making.

Welcome to our retail wonderland.

The aesthetic: an ode to the 80’s heritage site with a touch of coastal-cool and a sprinkling of, ‘this feels like home’

The feeling: a little slice of accessible luxury with an intimate sense of coastal calm

The sound: Maekah Store Sounds are inspired by luxe hotel-lobby vibes with hints of heritage old-school tunes

The experience: an experience of discovery – discover your all-time favourites marinating in a sea of newly-discovered brands.


The Journey

We inherited a site that had layers-on-layers of history, hidden beneath the walls. Each past tenant had plastered a new layer of wall onto the previous tenant’s wall, leaving lots of demo work for our one-man-demo-band. We stripped back three layers and 40 years of tenancies to discover old-school bagged render and brickwork on either side of the store (bingo!).

At the back of the store was a monster of a block wall. After weeks of toing-and-froing between whether to demolish or keep the wall (and wondering who in the world decided to build such a heavy beast and why) we decided in the interest of our timeline, working with this old gal was our only option. We later discovered that maekah store was once the gatekeeper of currency (think Armagaurd style business) and it all finally made sense. We’re secretly hoping this a sign of good fortune for our little slice of heaven. Our good friend came and rendered this heavy-boned-gal to match the existing 80s render job on the other two walls, as an ode to her original bones. It’s my favourite wall of all.

We selected a creamy neutral paint finish, with a luxe pop of gold throughout the store. The true hero of maekah is of course her brands (and their maekah's). Creamy features felt right – this palette has been a total maekah mood since the brand’s inception and felt less polarising than white walls in store.


We’ve worked hard to hero sustainable furnishing decisions in-store as much as possible, and spent hours (read: months) on Facebook Marketplace searching for pieces that we could breathe new life and love into. We are so happy to have found our travertine feature table on there, whilst also inheriting and upcycling our little tea-rose cube (who was once a fixture in our bestie’s bedroom). We also used some of the timber from the demo phase to rebuild some new frames in the store (and donated what we could to our massage neighbourino to make a massage table from!). Our boucle beauty who you might find yourself, or the hubby, comfortably perched on during visits was a last-minute second-hand steal too.

The crowd favourite maekah logo is of course our tea rose logo. We envisioned pops of her pink beauty queen through out the store from the very beginning. Our original counter concept was a tea-rose tile, before we shifted to the spanish render concept you see in store now. To bring small injections of our tearose hero colour into store, we had custom paint pots made for us and marinaded our second-hand cube and plant pots in this delicious palette to weave her through the store.

Each detail of maekah, from the seashell fitting room hooks right through to that big, gorg walnut fan is intentional and considered.

We can’t wait to see you in store soon x


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