Meet the MAEKAH: Saturday The Label


Journey with us as we venture behind the brand. Meet the MAEKAH of Saturday the Label, Shani Tomkins. 

Founded in 2018 on the shores of Sydney, Saturday the Label was born from  a drive to redefine style, accessibility and affordability in the lingerie sector.

Get to know the woman behind this beautiful business.

What inspired you to start STL?

Growing up my Mum was the most creative woman. She worked three jobs, held down a household and would always inspire us to create. We would always be drawing, designing and making things to entertain ourselves. Whenever we wanted to buy something new, she would always say ‘we could make that’ (which frustrated me greatly back then). When I was in my 20’s and I couldn’t find a bra to wear under an outfit, I decided to make it myself. I got so many compliments that I decided to design a few more to be made in Bali. I loved them so much I wanted to share them with the world, so I just kept designing on the weekend (on Saturday's). It wasn’t until I finished 11yrs in the advertising industry to have a baby that I decided to pick it up and share my designs with the world. 2.5yrs later, here we are.


Who are your personal style icons?

I have always loved Christine Centenera, her style has always been chic and edgy. Elle Ferguson has also been someone I’ve found relatable and her style is always accessible.

Tell us some sustainability facts about your brand?

We work to zero waste, meaning we only buy what we use. 

We buy a single colour mesh, then we dye the fabric different colours with natural dyes - hence why there are sometimes imperfections. 

We use 100% compostable cornstarch packing backs that are recycled. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and can be recycled again and again.

We started Project 360, which is a first of its kind initiative that allows customers to return their old bras so we can deconstruct them and recycle them. 

We partner with Thread Together to donate any faulty but still completely wearable pieces to people in need to reduce waste even further and support our local community.

We do all our product sampling digitally to reduce air freight and we off set all of our shipping through a company called Future Neutral.

Customers can offset the shipping of their products at checkout by donating to Future Neutral also. 

Our next collection will be made with a 100% organic cotton. 

Who are the MAEKAH'S of your pieces? 

We work in showrooms rather than bulk make in factories and all of our pieces are lovingly and individually handmade. We hand design our samples in our warehouse in Sydney. We then work with a beautiful team in Hong Kong to produce our products. The reason we chose Hong Kong is mainly to reduce air freight on fabric sourcing and production times. The company is certified sustainable and works in a beautiful and ethical showroom that even offsets its energy usage through solar power (they are next level amazing). We have quite a large in-house design/production team there, but day-to-day, Eda is our beautiful tech designer. 


What is your favourite STL piece to wear?

The Dylan in Black. It just so classic and literally the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn.

How do you love to spend your weekend?

With my husband and our 2 year old son Mason. Mainly at the park, beach or at home in our backyard. 

Tell us how you are sustainable in your personal life?

We recycle everything and we have just invested in a little worm farm/compost out the back for food waste.

If you could have dinner with any celeb, dead or alive, who would it be?

I'd have to say my Mum, we sadly lost her a few years ago. I think would also have to say Roald Dahl, Will Ferrel and James Corden?

Where is your next meal out planned?

The girls are taking me out for my Birthday on Friday to a fancy seafood restaurant by the ocean where we live!! Can't wait. 

We loved hearing about Shani's journey, lifestyle and brand and her words of wisdom make us even prouder to stock the gorgeous Saturday the Label.

 Shop our STL collection today. 



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