Simple Sustainable Fashion Swaps

We caught up with Mimmi Terra to talk simple fashion swaps – five easy ways you can improve your fashion conscience.

Mimmi Terra is a locally born and bred brand championing sustainability in the local fashion market, owned by the Gold Coast’s very own, Emilia Sutton.

This environmentally conscious visionary dreamt up the Mimmi Terra concept as a sustainable and affordable tote bag alternative that can travel the world with you, whilst also being kind to the planet.

We caught up with Emilia to understand the passions and intentions that underpinned the brand’s inception and to hear her 5 simple swaps for more sustainable fashion consumption.



Why are you passionate about championing sustainability in your business?

We are lucky to live in a country that has the best of all country landscapes. Growing up I was fortunate to see a lot of Australia and other countries which made me realise from a young age the importance of preserving what we have. Especially now that we know the impact of the fashion industry I knew that If I wanted to create a brand - I wanted to create something that was conscious of our environment and the impact it will have for generations to come. 


How did the dream of a sustainable tote line come to life?

I have always adored tote bags, I always found they are a versatile bag that I would take from the beach, to university,  to the markets, to the shops or work. I often found pieces online or while overseas travelling and I really struggled to find a line in the Australian market that was sustainable and affordable.


What's your favourite ethically and sustainably focused piece in your wardrobe (other than your mimmi items, of course)

Having grown up on the Gold Coast, we spend and spare time we have at the beach. For years my favourite sustainable piece(s) would have to be my swimwear by local brand Peony Swimwear. A stunning brand that really excels in stunning pieces that are also sustainably made.


Fun one... if you could take any celeb on a dinner date (dead or alive) who would it be?

Sophia Loren, she is my all time favourite actress. She is a powerful female role model who embraces her sexuality with grace and confidence. She challenged the  typical female character in movies during her time which was heavily projected as submissive, timid and clueless. She often played strong female characters who were intelligent and in control, while also embodying her timeless beauty.



"If you can't see yourself using or wearing more than 10 times - don't buy it."


Mimmi’s top 5 changes we can make to help us consume fashion & beauty more consciously and sustainably:

1. Buy clothes that will transcend seasonal trends:

This test never fails and instantly we can determine whether the piece we are about to buy is a staple for our wardrobe that will transcend seasonal trends. 


2. Buy from brands who use recycled/ natural and/or sustainable materials  

Now, more than ever, we are aware of the impact that human consumption (particularly in the fashion industry) can have on our planet. With what we know now, we should be considering the impact our future purchases (from production and design) can and will have on our environment in the future. 


3. Buy from Australian Brands 

We are so lucky with the amount of beautiful brands that come from our country. Not only are we supporting our home grown talent but this also limits the environmental impact of continuous international shipping.


4. Browse second hand pages and groups for your favourite brands 

Often we can be lucky enough to find in circulation pieces that we are chasing from our favourite brands. Sometimes they can be worn once or even not at all!


5. Learn how to mend or have it repaired - before removing it from your wardrobe 

Before we eliminate something from our wardrobe forever it is important that we consider the small ways we can extend its life. Sometimes it is as simple as sewing a small hole or having elastic repaired. Both of which we can do with our own hands or have done at our local seamstress. 

We adore the beauty and brains that made the Mimmi Terra dream come to life and are so thrilled to be a part of Mimmi’s stockist portfolio across Australia. 


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