Meet Your Maekah 

I’m Lauren Dick. After 12 years of working in Australian Designer led fashion, my interstate career led me home to the place where my love affair for fashion and retail truly started - right here in Burleigh Heads. I have dreamt of curating a fashion space of my own for as long as I can remember. I cut my teeth in the retail industry, growing up on the shop floor as my career of choice (despite the many people who didn’t take this choice seriously at first!) I have built a deeply-rooted understanding of purposeful fashion and the intentional consumer; fashion that doesn’t harm the planet; fashion as a forever-investment; fashion that makes you feel good; fashion as transformative of your perception of self. I have patiently waited for an entrepreneurial fashionista to close the fashion gap on the Gold Coast and bring the big names from the big smoke here to our coastal town … and after 12 years of waiting, I finally worked up the courage to close the gap myself. 

After years of role & state hopping my way through the industry, I am pleased to present a curation of brands that make me proud to be part of the fashion game. Throughout my career I have been blessed by the creative prowess of many incredibly talented and inspiring women… women who happen to be the face and minds behind the brands I bring to you today. 

Maekah Store is a curation of my lifetime of achievements to date. Each brand, each product, each element in store is an iteration of my own fashion dreams and of the fashion world I have grown up amongst. Not of the cut-throat and nasty perception the industry has, but of the purposeful, fulfilling and meaningful industry that fashion retail truly is. 

I am nothing but honoured to share my fashion dream with Burleigh Heads & beyond.

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