Because we give a flake, we donate $1 from every online order to the Australian Marine Conservation Society a to keep our oceans clean and marine-life safe.

I spent some time last year educating myself on how to better care for our planet after being brought to my senses by Sire David Attenborough’s film: A Life on our Planet. If you haven’t yet watched this masterpiece, I recommend you do. This film inspired a lot of sustainable changes in my personal life and as Maekah is a natural extension of my personal passions and values, it’s only fitting to ensure Maekah Store is giving back to the planet. 

I spent a few years living interstate in Sydney and Melbourne and my yearning for beach days and our bwe-di-ful Burleigh Ocean followed me everywhere (and eventually brought me back home). I feel more grateful than ever before to live by the seaside and start and finish most days with salty skin and a sandy heart. Our Burleigh shoreline has naturally formed a large part of our brand identity and it makes sense for this (the world’s largest ecosystem) to be the inspiration for my charity of choice.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society are all Australian, and all about that darn-beautiful ocean of ours. In fact, they are the only Aus charity that are purely dedicated to marine wildlife. They’ve been around for 50 years and have achieved big things in their short time fighting for our Aussie shores. That $1 donation being made on your behalf, backs ACMS to keep doing great things for our island home… Check out some of the incred work ACMS have done below: 


Great Barrier Reef protection 

These guys prevented mining on the Reef in the 60s, then led and built a campaign that saw the Reef was declared a Marine Park in the 70s and later, in the 80s, saw the Reef recognised as a World Heritage Area

Saved Ningaloo Reef 

Our country’s largest fringing coral reef was saved from major marina development by these guys

Essentially, this all-Aussie charity are our end-to-end ocean-protectors against climate change and toxic pollution, caring for our corals, fish, turtles, sharks and dolphins.


Rest assured, we’ll be making generous quarterly donations from all of the orders you place right here through our online site. 

You can learn more or donate direct to the AMCS on their website here: https://www.marineconservation.org.au/about/

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